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April 20, 2024

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x Ghana
Dam Over Flows after record Storms Displacing Hudreds
Heavy rain have been affecting south-eastern Ghana since 27 November, causing the overflow of the Dawhenya irrigation dam and floods that resulted in displacement and damage.… Full Story

| 01-Dec-2023 | Dam Damage | ONGOING gg | Agency: (DG ECHO) |

et Ethiopia
Heavy rains hit eastern Ethiopia
Heavy rainfall has been affecting southern and eastern Ethiopia, in particular the Somali Region, since early November, causing floods, flash floods and the overflow of some… Full Story

| 17-Nov-2023 | FLOODS | ONGOING gg | Agency: Glide Number |

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Uganda Uganda
Escalating Violence in DRC Forces 1,000 Refugees to Flee to Uganda Summary:
On 12 November, Kichanga villages in Beni territory, North-Kivu, DRC witnessed a surge in armed violence, compelling more than 1,000 individuals to seek refuge in Uganda. The… Full Story

| 15-Nov-2023 | DISPLACED - IDP | ONGOING gg | Agency: (DG ECHO) |

jh Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe - Worsening cholera situation
As of 7 November 2023, Zimbabwe has recorded 6,685 suspected cholera cases and 136 suspected deaths. For the last two weeks, the number of new cases recorded weekly surpasses 500… Full Story

| 11-Nov-2023 | Cholera Outbreak | ALERT a | Agency: (DG ECHO) |

kenya flag Kenya
Kenya - Floods
Since the middle October, heavy rainfall has been hitting most ok Kenya causing flooding across the country. Areas of particular concern include Mandera, Garissa, Wajir, and Tana… Full Story

| 09-Nov-2023 | FLOODS | ONGOING gg | Agency: (OCHA) |

Somalia Somalia
Weather Alert for Somaliland: Cyclone "Tej" Spurs Concerns
The Meteorological Department of the Ministry of Agriculture in Somaliland has issued a critical weather forecast, cautioning residents of the state about the looming threat of… Full Story

| 30-Oct-2023 | HURRICANE | ONGOING gg | Agency: (OCHA) |

x Ghana
More than 26,000 displaced by floods in the Volta region
More than 26,000 people have been displaced so far by floods in Ghana, according to national authorities. High water levels in the Akosombo reservoir led the Volta River Authority… Full Story

| 22-Oct-2023 | FLOODS | ONGOING gg | Agency: (OCHA) |

Guinea Guinea
Diphtheria Outbreak in Guinea Sparks Concern as Cases Rise
The Ministry of Health in Guinea officially alerted the World Health Organization (WHO) on September 5, 2023, about the ongoing diphtheria outbreak in the Kankan region. The… Full Story

| 22-Oct-2023 | DISEASE | ONGOING gg | Agency: (WHO) |

sudan Sudan
Cholera Outbreak Declared in Sudan's Gedaref State
Sudan has officially declared a cholera outbreak in Gedaref State, with 264 suspected cases, 4 confirmed cases, and 16 deaths reported by 25 September 2023. Investigations are… Full Story

| 08-Oct-2023 | Cholera Outbreak | ONGOING gg | Agency: (WHO) |

lib Liberia
Successive Record breaking storm Triggering Floods in North-Eastern counties of Liberia
From 1st to 4th September, Liberia has experienced excessive heavy rainfall in several cities with highest flooding reported in North-Eastern counties of Liberia: Grand Cape Mount… Full Story

| 17-Sep-2023 | FLOODS | ONGOING gg | Agency: (IFRC) |

South Africa South Africa
South Africa, unstructured fires are on the rise in the informal settlements
In South Africa, unstructured fires are on the rise in the informal settlements especially in this winter season.The fire that blazed one of the five-Storey dilapidated buildings… Full Story

| 17-Sep-2023 | WILD FIRES | ONGOING gg | Agency: (IFRC) |

congo kin Congo - Kinshasa
Conflict Spillover Forces Mass Displacement in Northeastern DRC
Local reports have revealed a dire humanitarian crisis unfolding in the Faradje area, located in the northeastern region of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Since September… Full Story

| 17-Sep-2023 | (IDP ) - ALERT | ONGOING gg | Agency: (OCHA) |

Libya Libya
Severe Weather Strikes Northeastern Libya as Storm Daniel Hits
On Sunday, September 10, 2023, Libya experienced the impact of Storm Daniel, as it made landfall, unleashing a barrage of severe weather conditions across several northeastern… Full Story

| 17-Sep-2023 | SEVERE-STORMs | ONGOING gg | Agency: Glide Number |

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ni Namibia
Namibia Faces Deepening Food Security Crisis
In a startling revelation, a new report indicates that Namibia is currently grappling with a severe food security crisis, with 579,000 people, constituting 22 percent of the… Full Story

| 13-Sep-2023 | Food Disaster | ONGOING gg | Agency: (IPC) |

e Morocco
100,000 Children Affected By Catastrophic Earthquake in Morocco
According to national authorities, almost 2,900 people died (most of them in the Al Haouz Province) while 2,562 others were injured. UNICEF reports at least 100,000 impacted… Full Story

| 13-Sep-2023 | MEDICAL SUPPORT | ONGOING gg | Agency: (UNICEF) |

Libya Libya
Catastrophic Flooding in Libya Claims Thousands of Lives as Dams Collapse
Libya, September 12, 2023 - A devastating flood, described as "catastrophic" by officials, has struck the eastern part of Libya, leaving a trail of destruction and an alarming… Full Story

| 12-Sep-2023 | Dam Damage, FLOODS | ONGOING gg | Agency: (IFRC) |

e Morocco
IFRC Deploys into The Moroccan Earthquake Disaster Zones
On September 8, a powerful 6.8-magnitude earthquake struck central Morocco, resulting in a devastating toll, with at least 800 people confirmed dead and more than 300 injured. The… Full Story

| 10-Sep-2023 | MEDICAL SUPPORT, EARTHQUAKE | ALERT a | Agency: (IFRC) |

e Morocco
MSF Teams Deploy To Moroccan Earthquake Disaster
In a tragic turn of events, Morocco was struck by a powerful 6.8-magnitude earthquake on the evening of September 8, 2023, local time. The earthquake's epicenter was located in… Full Story

| 09-Sep-2023 | MEDICAL SUPPORT | ALERT a | Agency: (MSF) |

e Morocco
Tragedy Strikes as 7.2-Magnitude Earthquake Claims 632 Lives in Morocco: A City in Ruins
UPDATE:            After the 6.8 M earthquake of 8 September in Al Haouz Province, the number of casualties is increasing.According to the national authorities, 2,946 people died… Full Story

| 09-Sep-2023 | EARTHQUAKE | ALERT a | Agency: (GDACS) |

kenya flag Kenya
Crisis Escalates as Thousands Flee Conflict in Sudan
As of August 2023, a staggering 1,017,449 displaced individuals from Sudan have sought refuge in neighboring countries. These numbers include 285,300 in Egypt, 414,659 in Chad,… Full Story

| 01-Sep-2023 | (IDP ) - ALERT | ONGOING gg | Agency: (IFRC) |

Uganda Uganda
Cholera Continues to Spread through Ugandan Municipalities
Cholera outbreak was officially confirmed on 25 July, 2023 after 3 samples turned positive for cholera in Uganda. The four samples were collected from suspected cholera cases from… Full Story

| 31-Aug-2023 | Cholera Outbreak | ONGOING gg | Agency: (WHO) |

congo kin Congo - Kinshasa
Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) – Epidemics
Mpox cases in DRC are on the rise and continue to spread geographically. They have now been reported in 17 of the country’s 24 provinces. The main caseloads are found in Equateur… Full Story

| 28-Aug-2023 | Monkeypox | ONGOING gg | Agency: (WHO) |

- -
sudan Sudan
Demilitarizing and monitoring peace in the disputed Abyei Area
The Security Council, by its resolution 1990 of 27 June 2011, responded to the urgent situation in Sudan’s Abyei region by establishing the United Nations Interim Security Force… Full Story

| 27-Aug-2023 | PEACE-KEEPING | ONGOING gg | Agency: UNTSO |

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mali flag Mali
Number of floods affected people is now over 88,000
As of August 21st, according to the authorities, floods nationwide affected 88,516 individuals. So far, 31 people died, 35 have been injured and 3,169 livestock killed. In… Full Story

| 25-Aug-2023 | FLOODS | ONGOING gg | Agency: (OCHA) |

mali flag Mali
UN Peace-Keepers Supporting political process and helping stabilize Mali
The United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali (MINUSMA) was established by Security Council resolution 2100 of 25 April 2013 to support political… Full Story

| 24-Aug-2023 | PEACE-KEEPING | ONGOING gg | Agency: UNTSO |

bb Burkina Faso
Nearly 1,200 people affected by flooding in IDP site
On 9 August, heavy rain and strong winds hit the Sougri-Nonna temporary site in Kaya, affecting 1,165 people, including 986 children, 125 women and 54 men. This forced them to… Full Story

| 21-Aug-2023 | (IDP ) - ALERT | ONGOING gg | Agency: (OCHA) |

car Central African Republic
Movement of population after attacks in Kokourou
On August 11th, approximately 1,000 residents from Koukourou fled their village due to the intrusion of unidentified armed groups, fearing for their safety. The assailants shot in… Full Story

| 19-Aug-2023 | DISPLACED - IDP | ONGOING gg | Agency: (OCHA) |

bb Burkina Faso
Humanitarian Helicopter Targeted by Gunfire, Disrupting Critical Aid Deliveries to Blockaded Town
In a distressing incident on August 10, a humanitarian heavy load helicopter became the target of gunfire while en route to the besieged town of Djibo, a vital destination for the… Full Story


hh Central African Republic
Influx of Women and Children from Chad Strains CAR's Resources
Since May 2023, a significant influx of 37,273 women and children, including 5,617 Central African returnees, have arrived in the Central African Republic (CAR) from Chad. These… Full Story

| 09-Aug-2023 | (IDP ) - ALERT, RETURNEES | ONGOING gg | Agency: (OCHA) |

nigeria Nigeria
Floods Affect Eastern Nigeria
In the past week, the Ihiala Local Government Area, southern Anambra State, southern Nigeria, has been affected by heavy rain and strong winds that resulted in floods and severe… Full Story

| 08-Aug-2023 | FLOODS | ONGOING gg | Agency: (WA) |

sudan South Sudan
Sudans Security situation inflames with Cholera Outbreaks
The security situation in Amhara region remains precarious. A state of emergency in Amhara region has been declared on 4 August by Ethiopia’s council of ministers following a… Full Story

| 08-Aug-2023 | COMPLEX EMERGENCIES, Cholera Outbreak | ONGOING gg | Agency: (WHO) |

cam Cameroon
Heavy Rains Trigger Devastation in Limbe I: Houses Destroyed, Lives Lost
LIMBE I — A relentless series of heavy rainfall since July 16 has plunged Limbe I into a state of crisis, with the most recent deluge on July 18-19 resulting in widespread… Full Story

| 08-Aug-2023 | FLOODS | ONGOING gg | Agency: Cameroon Red Cross |

- -
et Ethiopia
WHO Ramps Up Response to Cholera Outbreak in Ethiopia's SNNP Region
WHO Ethiopia has taken rapid action to control a cholera outbreak in the SNNP Region. Cholera Treatment Centers (CTCs) have been established in four districts, providing urgent… Full Story

| 29-Jul-2023 | Cholera Outbreak | ONGOING gg | Agency: (WHO) |

Uganda Uganda
Cholera Outbreak Confirmed in Namayingo District, Uganda
On 24th July, the Public Health Emergency Operation Centre (PHOEC) informed the Minister of Health (MoH) about a confirmed cholera outbreak in Namayingo District, Uganda, which is… Full Story

| 27-Jul-2023 | Cholera Outbreak | ONGOING gg | Agency: (WHO) |

Algeria Algeria
Algeria Battles Devastating Forest Fires Along Mediterranean Coast, 34 People Killed
Around 35 wildfires have been rapidly spreading across the northeastern region of Algeria in more than 11 regions since July 24th causing extensive devastation. The disaster has… Full Story

| 26-Jul-2023 | WILD FIRES | ONGOING gg | Agency: (IFRC) |

Tunisia Tunisia
Wildfires in North West Tunisia: 2,500 People Evacuated as Tunisia Seeks Assistance
A series of devastating wildfires struck the region near the town of Tabarka in the North West of Tunisia, causing widespread concern and necessitating urgent evacuations. As the… Full Story

| 26-Jul-2023 | WILD FIRES | ONGOING gg | Agency: (DG ECHO) |

congo kin Congo - Kinshasa
Kigonze camp for Internally Displaced People (IDP)
Kigonze camp, located two kilometers outside Bunia, serves as a refuge for 20,000 displaced people who have fled multiple attacks by various militias across Ituri province and… Full Story

| 14-Jul-2023 | Humanitarian CAMPs | IN USE | Agency: (UNHCR) |

hh Central African Republic
Ongoing conflict in the Central African Republic (CAR) has left over a million children in danger.
In the Central African Republic (CAR), an ongoing conflict has resulted in a dire situation for over a million children. The country has been grappling with armed conflict and… Full Story

| 11-Jul-2023 | FOOD SECURITY | ONGOING gg | Agency: WAR CHILD |

sudan Sudan
Pregnant Women in Sudan at Risk as Fighting Hampers Access to Urgent Maternal Care
The ongoing heavy fighting in Sudan is posing a grave threat to pregnant women, rendering it perilous for them to leave their homes and seek essential medical care. Approximately… Full Story

| 04-Jul-2023 | HOSPITAL(s) | ALERT a | Agency: (UNFPA) |

chad Chad
ICRC Surgical Team Deploys to Eastern Chad to Treat Gunshot Wound Victims Fleeing Sudanese Conflict
Date: June 30, 2023 Geneva (ICRC) - In response to an increasing influx of gunshot wound victims seeking safety and medical care after escaping fighting in neighboring Sudan, a… Full Story

| 03-Jul-2023 | DISPLACED - IDP, MEDICAL SUPPORT (cf) | ONGOING gg | Agency: (ICRC) |

jh Zimbabwe
Cholera Outbreak Spreads Across Zimbabwe with Rising Cases and Deaths
A cholera outbreak that began in Chegutu town, Zimbabwe on February 12th has now spread to all ten provinces of the country, raising concerns about the worsening situation. The… Full Story

| 22-Jun-2023 | Cholera Outbreak | ONGOING gg | Agency: (IFRC) |

sudan Sudan
Nations Begin To Pledge Financial Support for Sudan
Two months after the start of the conflict in Sudan that has already displaced over 2.2 million people, the EU co-hosted – together with the United Nations, the African Union,… Full Story

| 21-Jun-2023 | Fund Raising | ALERT a | Agency: The (UN) |

lkk Côte d’Ivoire
Tragic Flooding and Landslides in Abidjan, Ivory Coast Claim Lives
Abidjan, Ivory Coast - Heavy rainfall reaching 180 mm within a 24-hour period has resulted in devastating flooding and landslides in Abidjan, the economic capital of Côte d'Ivoire… Full Story

| 17-Jun-2023 | SEVERE-STORMs, LANDSLIDES | ONGOING gg | Agency: Flood List |

- -
bb Burkina Faso
Burkina Faso Tops List as World's Most Neglected Displacement Crisis, Reports Say
Burkina Faso has emerged as the world's most neglected displacement crisis, according to the annual report released by the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) on June 1st. The report… Full Story

| 05-Jun-2023 | FOOD SECURITY, (IDP ) - ALERT | ALERT a | Agency: (OCHA) |

Mozambique Mozambique
nternational Organization for Migration (IOM) Reports Over 800,000 Internally Displaced People and Returnees in Northern Mozambique
Northern Mozambique, May 27, 2023 - The International Organization for Migration (IOM) has conducted a comprehensive Mobility Tracking Assessment in northern Mozambique, revealing… Full Story

| 27-May-2023 | (IDP ) - ALERT, RETURNEES | ALERT a | Agency: (IOM) |

Algeria Algeria
Flash Floods Claim Lives and Cause Widespread Damage in Algeria's 9 Provinces
Algeria, May 27, 2023 - Devastating flash floods have resulted in the loss of at least two lives and forced numerous rescue operations and evacuations across nine provinces of… Full Story

| 27-May-2023 | STORMS {c}, Floods - Ended | CLOSED s | Agency: (WA) |

bb Burkina Faso
Attacks by Armed Groups Claim Over 70 Lives, Trigger Displacement, and Threaten Food Security in Burkina Faso
Between May 15 and 21, non-state armed groups launched a series of attacks in Burkina Faso, resulting in the tragic loss of more than 70 lives. These attacks targeted the… Full Story


bur Burundi
Cholera Outbreak in Burundi Continues to Pose Concern
A cholera outbreak was officially confirmed in Burundi on 1 January 2023, with the situation evolving since then. The latest reports indicate a growing number of cases and deaths… Full Story

| 24-May-2023 | Cholera Outbreak | ONGOING gg | Agency: (WHO) |

congo kin Congo - Kinshasa
OCHA-Led Interagency Mission Departs Goma for Rutshuru Amid Heightened Insecurity
Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo - After months of restricted access due to escalating insecurity, an interagency mission led by the United Nations Office for the Coordination… Full Story

| 20-May-2023 | FOOD SECURITY | ONGOING gg | Agency: (OCHA) |

ssd South Sudan
Outbreak of Hepatitis E Virus in Wau City, South Sudan
On 14 April 2023, the Ministry of Health (MoH) of South Sudan declared an outbreak of the Hepatitis E Virus (HEV) in Wau city, the capital of Western Bahr el-Ghazal state, one of… Full Story

| 09-May-2023 | DISEASE | ONGOING gg | Agency: (WHO) |

nigeria Nigeria
Diphtheria Outbreak in Nigeria: Over 550 Confirmed Cases Detected in 21 States
Since the beginning of 2023, Nigeria has been hit by a diphtheria outbreak that has affected 21 of its 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory. According to the Nigeria Centre… Full Story

| 07-May-2023 | DISEASE | ONGOING gg | Agency: (WHO) |

rw Rwanda
Widespread Flooding Hits Rwanda
The Western and Northern provinces of Rwanda have been hit by heavy rain, floods and landslides over the last few days, causing dozens of deaths. According to the state… Full Story

| 06-May-2023 | FLOODS | ONGOING gg | Agency: Flood List |

congo kin Congo - Kinshasa
Catastrophic Flooding causes “Immeasurable Damage” in South Kivu
The rainy season in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is characterized by heavy rainfall, strong winds, flooding and landslides across several part of the country since… Full Story

| 06-May-2023 | FLOODS | ALERT a | Agency: (IFRC) |

car Central African Republic
Conflict in Sudan forces thousands to seek refuge in neighboring Chad and CAR, triggering price increases
The ongoing conflict in Sudan has had a severe impact on the northern region of the Central African Republic (CAR), leading to the disruption of traffic between Sudan and CAR.… Full Story

| 01-May-2023 | Humanitarian CAMPs, DISPLACED - IDP | ALERT a | Agency: (OCHA) |

sudan Sudan
20,000 Refugees Arrive fleeing fighting in Sudan
The United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) has expressed deep concern over the escalating violence in Sudan, which has prompted the first wave of refugees to flee the conflict and… Full Story

| 23-Apr-2023 | DISPLACED - IDP | ONGOING gg | Agency: (UNHCR) |

sudan Sudan
Clashes Erupt in Khartoum, Sudan: Heavy Fighting Continues for Third Day, Spreading Across the Country
Khartoum, April 17, 2023: Clashes between the Sudanese Armed Forces and the Rapid Support Forces erupted in the capital city of Khartoum on the morning of April 15, 2023. The… Full Story

| 17-Apr-2023 | COMPLEX EMERGENCIES | ONGOING gg | Agency: (OCHA) |

Somalia Somalia
SOMALIA: Gu rainy season 2023 Flash Floods
Heavy rainfall, floods, and flash floods have caused widespread devastation in Somalia since the onset of the Gu Rainy Season from April to June, according to a report by the… Full Story

| 14-Apr-2023 | SEVERE-STORMs, FLOODS | ONGOING gg | Agency: (OCHA) |

x Ghana
Battle Against Malaria Game Changing Vaccine Begins in Ghana
Ghana has become the first country to approve a new malaria vaccine, known as R21, which has been hailed as a "world-changer" by the scientists who developed it. The vaccine has… Full Story

| 13-Apr-2023 | MALARIA Outbreak, VACCINATION PROGRAM | ONGOING gg | Agency: TJI |